I no longer see dog behaviour cases or offer one-to-one training. I apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. If you are looking for a qualified, experienced behaviourist, please check the Links page or use the search function on the APBC website.

Warning! - There are behaviourists in the Bristol area still using out-dated training techniques and charging huge fees, please avoid them. Anyone who talks about pack-leaders, 'alpha' behaviour, rank or dominance will rely on short-term fixes involving fear and intimidation, no matter how they dress them up. Modern, positive dog training methods are kinder and more effective in the long-term, so seek out qualified professionals whose methods are based on the latest scientific research!

If you need to contact me please try my mobile (0If you are previous client please let me know if I can help you find an appropriate trainer or behaviourist.7805) 494134 or send me an e-mail john@johnlofthousebehaviour.co.uk.

For training classes, please contact Jo Burt at Ace on (07877) 917796 or e-mail jo@acedogtraining.co.uk


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